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FIFA World Cup Trophy visit outline

31 January 2018

The visiting FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour will be here for less than four hours.

That's according to the program released by Media Partners on Tuesday.

The plane carrying football’s most coveted trophy will arrive in the early hours tomorrow morning in the FWCTT plane at the Henderson International Airport.

Starting from 8am to 8:30am the cup will be set for unveiling by the FIFA team at the tarmac.

At 8:30am there will be private viewing of the cup in the plane by the Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui and the Prime Minister, Rick Hou.

This will be followed by brief welcoming speeches by the designated officials.

A press conference with the media will be held after this followed by a photo opportunity with the cup by invitees including stakeholders.

The program will wrap up at 10:45am before the FWCTT plane departs at 11:15am for Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Key stakeholders and the media will have the first hand experience with the Trophy inside the FWCTT plane.

Unfortunately there will not be any parade through the city as many have anticipated.

Meanwhile the second site Plan Scenario if the current heavy rain continues is set to be held in the FWCTT plane.