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Tong-il Moo-do classes soon

06 February 2018
Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, founder and grandmaster of Wonhwa-do. [Photo: - Amy Schuckers]

A Newly introduced Martial art Tong-Il Moo-do club are calling for interested men and women in Honiara to join their club’s training sessions.

Tong-Il Moo-do is a comprehensive martial art discipline from South Korea founded in 1979 by Grandmaster Dr. Joon Ho Seuk.

It is a way of building sound character enlightening one’s mind and spirit.

Simply a combination of all martial arts with some new concepts which used by most martial arts sports athletes around the world.

Tong-Il Moo-do Solomon Islands Body Vice President, Dr Huddie Namo told Star Sports they are resuming training this week and any interested martial arts athlete is welcome to join the training sessions.

“Tong-Il Moo-do was introduced a couple of years back but died down due to lack of organisation.

“But we have revived it recently and would like to call on interested people who want to join the club to come forward.

“Also we’re calling on our old members to resume training as of this week.

“We’ll start off with the beginners and then to Cardio which simple means fitness training,” Dr Namo stated.

Jake Marusich who recently provides training for our local Judokas will also assist in the Tong-Il Moo-do training.

The sessions are not free and individuals who want to join will need to pay certain fees.

Venue for the training is located at the old Guadalcanal provincial headquarters.

Training days are as follows:

Wednesdays (4.30pm to 5.30pm) Beginners Class (5.30pm to 7pm) and Regular Class for continuing students.

Thursday 4.30pm to 5.30pm Cardio class (fitness training) and 5.30pm to 7pm Regular class for continuing students.