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Tennis stars adapting

07 February 2018
Our local tennis stars in the United States undergoing studies and training. [Photo Supplied]

SOLOMON Islands tennis female tennis duo Georjemah Row and Vinda Teally are slowly adapting to life in the United States of America.

The duo left early this year to the US on a three-year scholarship to study and train at the New Mexico Military Institute.

Speaking from New Mexico on Tuesday, Georjemah Row told Star Sports they are adapting to their new environment.

“The life in the USA is very different compared to the Pacific but we are adapting well.

“And overall school is different as well because everything is done online but school wise is very good.

“Training has been good even though the weather is different, we’re adapting to it,” the Pacific Mini Games silver medallist said.

As part of their training programme, first year students studying at New Mexico Military Institute are to undergo a 28 day Recruits At Training (RAT).

The promising tennis stars successfully passed the RAT training on over the weekend.

Georjemah insisted that the RAT training is special as it will contribute towards their development in tennis.

“Well the Military training helps us a lot both in fitness and also discipline which is one of the main things we need in playing tennis, to be discipline with tennis as well as in life,” Georjemah explained.

After the 28 days of RAT, the duo will be qualified to compete in any competition on US soil.

Both tennis scholars will compete in a tournament this weekend.