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Young rugby squad named

04 March 2018

The Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF) Technical team has named the final 12 for the national team to compete in the Oceania Rugby Olympic Qualifiers in Sydney, Australia, on the April 20th and 21st.

This was confirmed by the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation Technical team on Friday.

The 12 players and three non-travelling players were selected from the participating schools in the Credit Corporation High School rugby competition last year.

Trainings will begin for the final squad starting tomorrow at 4pm at the Town Ground Rugby Stadium.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF) has thanked other high school students who did not make it into the final squad.

 “Work hard and focus on the studies and continue participate in the high school rugby competition this year.

“SIRUF will continue to monitor all players for selection in preparation for Pacific Games 2023.”

Selected players:

1. Daniel Saomatangi - St Johns

2.Kevin Hiro - Henderson Hammerheads RC

3. Elvis Ma'de - Ambu

4.Paul Bakeua - Honiara High School

5, Johnson Wareke - Honiara High School

6.Steward Iro - Selwyn

7. Jedrick Legu - Selwyn

8. George Tepuke - Koloale

9. Gabriel Kaituu - Panatina

10. Ben Puia - White River

11. Carling Saomatangi - St Johns

12. Matthew Junior Qwaina - Bishop Epalle

Non - Travellers ( Reserves)

1. Dave Kaituu - Selwyn

2. Calwyn Puia - Selwyn

3. Marcellin Raka - Selwyn