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Fans hopeful for return action

07 March 2018
Marist FC

Football fans and supporters in the country are hopeful for the return of the Oceania Champions League action.

Fans flooded to social media Facebook Solomon Islands football page congratulating Warriors and Marist for their quarter finals, expressing their confidence for Warriors and Marist.

Their confidence was derived from the recent performances by Warriors and Marist FC in the group matches.

Both clubs ended their group campaign as runner ups against some of Oceania’s top clubs.

“We believe our teams can make it to the semi finals so they can bring back football action to Lawson Tama where home fans and supporters can support them.

“They have proven to be strong contenders having already played against the likes of Team Wellington, AS Magenta and AS Dragons to name a few and with impressive results.

“We are prepared to once again show our strongest support when matches return to Lawson Tama,” a local football fan, Francis Roko said.

Marist Coach, Jerry Allen told local media after their group D campaign that home fans have played an important role in the recent group D matches.

He also called for support if the Oceania Champions League semi finals home matches returns to Lawson Tama.