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PG Taskforce still have time

11 March 2018


A source within the Ministry of Home Affairs said the Pacific Games Taskforce have until October this year to carry out its mandated role.

This is after a member of the PG Taskforce made a statement in the Island Sun the government should give them time until June for the commencement and implementation of the PG 2023 Act.

Sun Sports reported statement from the PG Taskforce calling on the Ministry of Home Affairs and Prime Minister Office to limit their role to governance and financing.

But the source who wants his name withheld said the government through the collaboration of Ministry of Home Affairs want to see preparation run ahead of the set timeframe.

“The government move to set up a subcommittee to take charge of the 2023 Pacific Games is timely since we’re a year behind in terms of meeting the set timeframe.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs expected work to commence on the ground but so far we haven’t seen any tangible development.

“So therefore, the Prime Minister sees fit to appoint a subcommittee to be chaired by Hon. Steve Abana supported by members of the opposition Mathew Wale and Douglas Ete,” the source stated.

Chairman of the PG Taskforce Gabriel Suri briefed the local press in a press conference few weeks ago during the visit of members of the Pacific Games council.

“We have discussed and accepted the specific timeframes that have been proposed and we think it’s a good thing so that we are sure on the milestone as to what we should work on and to be guided by those timeframe.

“The Taskforce itself has its mandate given to it by the cabinet and so all along we’ve been working going through the terms and references that was given to us by the cabinet.

“The lifespan of the Taskforce was short; we should finish our mission by June, July this year.

“And in March we should return to caucus to do a second presentation and will be presenting the first interim report,” Suri said.

In the same press conference, Pacific Games Council President, Vidhya Lakhan warned the country that we need to get use of change at the political level.

“If you are in the Pacific we must get use to change at the political level because there always a change.

“We were here last year we met a Prime minister and his minister for sports. We came here this year there is a new Prime minister and a new minister for sports,” he explained.

Lakhan added that he was pleased with Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela enthusiasm in ensuring the Games is done well.

“He (PM) is a few steps ahead of us, the taskforce and NOCSI because he knows very clearly what is his government’s role,” the Pacific Games Council stated.

PM Houenipwela said earlier this week Caucus has thrown full support toward his move to appoint a Sub-committee to take charge of the PG 2023.