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Ragomo: Don’t give up

15 June 2018
Elliot Ragomo

Solomon Islands futsal sensation, Elliot Ragomo urged all young upcoming futsal players not to give up on their futsal dreams.

Ragomo said the key to success is to work hard with a positive mindset and never give up.

“For every single player who would like to become a Kurukuru player in the future, never give.

“Keep working hard, have a positive mindset.

“Even if you lose or feel down, don’t complain, keep working and you will get there.

“Such positive mindset best fits our future Kurukuru players because we must maintain our status as the Oceania champions,” he said.

Ragomo stressed the Kurukuru players will keep on playing and urges responsible authorities to build the futsal court facility being promised over the past years.