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NMFA election not recognized

28 June 2018
Eddie Omokirio

THE recent election of the new executive for the North Malaita Football Association (NMFA) is not recognized by the Malaita Football Association (MFA).

That's according to a letter by the vice president of the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) and the president of the MFA and NMFA, Eddie Omokirio.

Omokirio was responding to an article published yesterday by Solomon Star newspaper, stating that a new executive NMFA was formed headed by Moffat Joel Konofilia as the new president.

Omokirio described the new election as a rival football association since the set up was without the knowledge of the MFA and NMFA executive.

“On behalf of the MFA executive I would like to express that MFA do not recognize the so called election of that new executive for NMFA.

“The so called new election is a rival football association, seeing that its set up was without the knowledge of my current executive.

“As the president of the NMFA, I am not aware of this set up and how this election was conducted.

“There was no prior call from the clubs and any demands that I’m informed of,” he said.

Omokirio said upon his return to Malaita he will call his executive to meet and reschedule election dates for its member association of the MFA.

He added he wants to see an election that is properly conducted that truly represents football clubs of the real NMFA.