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Fijians here for 7s

25 July 2018
Fijian Rugby players who arrived on Tuesday to team up with Islanders Rugby 7s.

THIRTEEN rugby players from Fiji has arrived yesterday to team up with local teams for the South Pacific Oil Rugby Sevens set to kick off this Friday at Town Ground Rugby stadium.

Their inclusion will boost the level of competition and provide an exciting game for rugby fans to enjoy.

Out of the total, eight players will play for Islanders rugby 7s while five players will team up with Malaita Subi team.

Also accompany the players are two referees who will officiate the competition.

Fijians are renowned for their tough play in Rugby 7s and their inclusion will not only make the competition exciting and tough but also will help local players to push up their level of performance.

Malaita Subi 7s coach Freddy Kafoa welcomes the arrival of their five players from Fiji adding their inclusion will strengthen the morale of his team and motivate the local players.

“We are happy and welcome the Fijian players to be part of our team.

“Their inclusion will make the competition a tough one and certainly will improve the standard of rugby in the country,” he said.

Two of the five Fijians have previously played for Malaita Subi during last year's competition.

All five players are descendants from Kwaio in Malaita and played for Kwaio rugby club in Fiji.

The other eight players will team up with Islanders rugby 7s and they are determined to help Islanders win the tournament.

“We are honoured to come to the Solomon and team up with Islanders.

“We are here to help Islanders win this tournament.

“As many have known, Fiji is well known for rugby 7s and this tournament will give us the opportunity to showcase our talents in rugby 7s and help players here to learn more about rugby 7s, ” Peleci Rokotuivatu said.

The eight players are from the Lakena Brother Rugby club in Fiji.

SPO Rugby Sevens competition is set down for this Friday.