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Still no funds for Solomon Games

23 December 2018
The swimming area with the accomodation and changing rooms at Lake Tengano.

THE Renbel Solomon Games Task Force and Local Organizing Committee (LOC) are still waiting for the final tranche of funds from the Government to host the Games.

According to the Premier of the Rennel Bellona Province, Collin Singamoana, there is still no green light from the Government.

“So far there has been no positive sign with regarding the funds to host the Games.

“We have not received any explanation or feedback from the Government so we really don’t know where we stand now.

“We really need the funds now so we could get prepared to kick off the Games next month as proposed,” he said.

The preparation for the hosting of the Solomon Games in Rennell Bellona Province was again been hit by delay following its cancellation last month.

The current hurdle faced now by the Local Organizing Committee and the Renbel Games task force is due to the delay of funds for the hosting of the games.

According to recent reports, the Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs had failed to include the LOC’s final budget that was submitted along with the final facilities report in October, which resulted in the Solomon Games final budget not being included in the recent Supplementary Budget that is currently before Parliament.

If the funds are not released soon, the venue for the hosting might change.

Premier Singamoana said it will not be fair if the Government continues to delay the release of funds and later prompt to host the Games in Honiara.

He said if the delay continues to next month then they will have to set a new date, most probably for February.

“It will be really unfair do not release the funds and the Games be hosted in Honiara because Renbel is still the host.

“We have worked so hard towards the preparation of the Games and have provided all necessary requirements needed to finally host the Games.

“The only thing that is keeping us waiting is the funds to host the Games,” he added.

 Renbel Province through the Solomon Games Task Force and Local Organizing Committee had fulfilled all that was required by NOCSI and the national Government amidst time constraints and many challenges to qualify the province to host this year’s Solomon Games.

However, after the final assessment of sports venues and facilities and the supporting components of the Solomon Games that includes transportation, accommodation, catering, protocols, medical, media, security, ceremonies, entertainment and community participation, that was jointly carried out by the NOCSI, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Solomon Games LOC, no funding has yet been released to run the games.

Therefore the LOC had to make the necessary adjustment to avoid problems that might be encountered as a result of this delay.

Attempts to contact the Ministry of Home Affairs were unsuccessful.