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Training for SSEC PE teachers

30 May 2014

Physical education (PE) teachers from more than ten schools and rural training centres operated by the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) have undergone a training to improve their skills and learn about first aid.

The training was held at Maoro community high school. Reports said most of the schools which have participated in the training were; Kiu CHS, Su’u NSS, Maoro CHS, Fauala primary, Ngaligaragara RTC, Kilusakwalo CHS, Justus Ganifiri CHS, Fauketa primary, Anofiu primary, St. Mark RTC, Ararat RTC.

The objective of the raining included:

- Provide physical education teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to sustain life, reduce pain and minimise the consequences of injury or sudden illness until professional help arrives.

- Provide basic training for physical education teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge on fitness training, designing of effective training programs and improvement in the technical aspect of futsal and 11-a-side soccer.

Reports said the first aid training was done by St John Ambulance instructor Sam Wa'ari and Javin Misi.

President of the Malaita football association (MFA) Eddie Omokirio who also facilitated the training said he was so thrilled for being the football instructor in this training. 

He praised the SSEC education authority for inviting him and utilising his expertise in delivering basic trainings like that.

He also calls on other education authorities in Malaita to do likewise. 

“I see a Church education authority is hosting this program.  So it blends in well with my approach on Church and sports. 

“I see this is high time Churches to take very active role through their schools to embrace sports for a total youth development.  It is through this program that physical fitness training is done, basic Futsal techniques and soccer skills are taught.

“Fortunately, I shared more than a basic training.  I integrated some of my world cup experiences and international exposers to those teachers in rural areas. 

“It is very important for those remote, distant school students to share the excitement and enjoy the goodness in what football can do to their communities. 

“I am so excited that initiatives taken by SSEC to engage MFA is one of the many opportunities we can uphold for the good of our people.

“With my experience and expertise shows how a president who is not only leading by words and written plans but has the ability to accept networking and partnering, plus has the technical expertise to deliver trainings in Futsal and soccer.” 

Mr Omokirio is also offering beach soccer basic trainings.

He said MFA may still wait to see more changes at the higher level before implementing more football programmes for Malaita. 

“Currently there are no financial support coming as yet.  However, as I already advised my executive, just utilise whatever opportunity that may come your way for the good of the game. “