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13 June 2014

IT already started in recent weeks, but today marks the commencement of the real rage.

The country’s closely followed event, the soccer World Cup has started and the soccer mad nation is back on its feet again as people rally support behind their favourite teams.

Brazil has taken on Croatia this morning in a match thousands around the country have been waiting for.

A good number of soccer mad funs in the country have been long time supporters of Brazil.

It was expected thousands around the country were glued to their screens this morning to witness the gala night of the world’s big event and the opening match.

While some people support in a sporting spirit, others are not taking a loose for an answer for their supported team.

Some people will even spend money and kind, as bets. It is also heating up on the social media; there were already heated exchange of comments as people support.

But one thing employers, managers and supervisors of companies and the government are urged to watch out for is reduction in productivity.

One government worker said because the games will be early in the morning, there will likely be people taking a nap or absent during work times.

“Productivity will reduce therefore; managers and supervisors should really keep an eye on their employees.”

Meanwhile, car owners and drivers are coating stickers of colours of their favourite teams on cars, people wearing their favourite team colours and the talk is all soccer World Cup.

This year’s World Cup is hosted by Brazil. The current defending champion is Spain.