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IOC fires NOCSI: Told to postphone AGM

21 August 2014

THE planned Extra Ordinary Annual General Meeting (AGM) for NOCSI has been further postponed.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) instructed that in order for NOCSI to meet all the deadlines and requirements of the NOCSI constitution.

An email sighted by Star Sports sent by the Head of Institutional Relations and Governance of  the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jérôme Poivey said NOCSI constitution was not ignored.

The email was in response to a notice by NOCSI scheduling an AGM for the end of this month to elect a new president and vice president.

Poivey in respond to the notice said “As per Article 10 of your NOC Constitution, the notice of all the meetings of the General Assembly shall be given by the Secretary General (in this case the Acting Secretary General) no later than 14 days prior to the meeting.

“In this case this procedure has not been enforced and the deadlines have not been respected.

“It is true that, in our email dated 23 July, we had established a deadline on 31 August at the latest for your NOC to complete the whole process.

“However, given that your NOC has failed to act promptly, this deadline is no longer realistic considering the 14 day notice requirement and is hereby extended on 30 September at the latest.

 “We would suggest that you convene these two meetings at the end of September, which, in addition, would give the IOC and ONOC sufficient time to arrange for an IOC/ONOC representative to be present at those meetings and supervise all the proceedings, which has become more than necessary given that your NOC has not been able (so far) to complete this process correctly by itself,” he stated.

He said the IOC and ONOC have shown a lot of understanding and patience so far with this process and have spent a lot of efforts and time to help NOCSI ensure full compliance with the Olympic Charter.

But he warned NOCSI that failing to follow the right procedure will force the IOC and ONOC to consider further action.

“There is no time to waste anymore and what must be done is extremely clear.

“We do hope that your NOC does understand the seriousness of these issues and will take immediate action to rectify the situation, failing which the IOC and ONOC will be left with no other option but to take further action,” he stated.