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Alota’a,futsal champ

17 September 2014

Alota’a school (primary division) snatched the top prize for futsal after defeating Sinasu B (Ambu primary) in a tough final at Auki primary school (APS) field, last Saturday.

The two teams fought hard to break the dead-lock in the first quarter before entering the second quarter where Alota’a fired a shoot to claim a goal to take a lead.

Alota’a tightened their side and leave Sinasu B with no chance.

Both teams entered their second half with a one nil lead by Alota’a till the final whistle which sawAlota’a claiming the victory.

The team won one trophy plus two large dishes.

The competition was organized and sponsored by Save the Children in Auki.

Andrew Eteri Alota’a school principal thanked Save the Children for the great initiative.

“Through sports it will encourage children or students to make friends with others or come to know each other and build a good relation.

“Not only that but also it is part of promoting their health,” he said.

He added that this will also help teachers to identify what areas students are good at because each individual have different talents and through such activities like this they can expose their talents.

According to Save the Children the reason for organizing this sports activity is to promote children’s health through sporting activities.

The competition was organized for primary schools in and around Auki town.

About four primary schools; APS, Bitakaula, Sinasu (Ambu) and Alota’a participated.

Types of games played during the day are futsal, tug of war for females, hope and relay.

This was the second time such a sport event was held.

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