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Students spend more time at the pool

21 September 2014

The game of Pool widely known as snooker is said to have played a positive and important role in keeping youths from alcohol and drug related problems in many communities in and around Honiara as well as in the provinces.

However, it also has its downside which many parents say must be dealt with quickly or it will affect many youths’ future.

Some parents say that most youths who got involved in playing the snooker game back in their own communities have been skipping school and spending their time instead around the pool table all day.

Parents called on pool table owners to help them by restricting playing times, especially for students.

They say pool table owners must also play their part by making sure students are not allowed to play during school hours.

They also voiced concern over the use of placing bets to play for money.

 “It would be great if pool table owners become strict especially on students during school hours.

“Also we would like pool table owners to discourage students to play for money because we see this as a way of gambling.

“Hosting competitions for prizes is alright but not by placing bets with money,” they said.

Some of the Pool table owners upon hearing parents’ concerns said they will take the matter into consideration.

They say they will work together with parents and youths to find ways so everyone can enjoy the game without having any bad effects from it.