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SINU games in full swing

23 September 2014

FOLLOWING a late start the Solomon Islands National University [SINU] students goes into sports action at the Kukum campus sports field.

Around five schools participated at the event which is being organised over two days.

Some of the sports featured during the gathering are soccer, netball, volleyball and futsal.

Some of the top referees have officiated in the competition.

The games started off with a parade with most of the students in their team uniforms.

Speaking to Star Sports Jimmy Luitolo said the sports event is part of engaging the students through sporting activities.

“This is part of maintaining their fitness and to socialise through sports activities.Its part of maintaining their health.”

The inter-school games will continue today followed by presentation of prizes which will be held in the later part of the day.

Meanwhile Mr Luitolo urges public to come out and support our students because they are our future.