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Save the Children stage sports event for schools

23 September 2014

Save the Children office in Auki has organized a one day of sporting competition for Gwaunaoa and Faiako primary schools at Gwaunaoa primary school sports ground last Saturday in Auki, Malaita Province.

Some of the sports activities that were held included; hoop relay, tug of war and futsal for boys.

In the hoop relay Gwaunaoa came out the winner while in the tug of war competition Faiako primary was the strongest team during last Saturday tug of war and came out winner.

 While in the futsal competition Gwaunaoa school became the winner of the futsal competition and took the overall trophy.

Prizes were allocated to each single sports plus the overall winning trophy.

According to Save the Children Malaita, program coordinator Alex Buani said they have partnership and with eight(8) schools and five (5) communities within the central region of the province.

“We have concentrated on working together with them this year through organizing activities and involving them in some otherprograms  that we are organizing for them.

“The purpose for organizing sporting activities for schools is to improve their healthy life and healthy living through sports.”

Mr Buani added, they also provided schools with sporting equipment, organise trainings for schools.

“If the funding continues next year we will expand this kind of organised activities to the other regions in Malaita Province.”