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FD Supper champs

19 January 2015

FD Supper Kings scooped the Christmas competition held at Foóndo despite the grand final was not played.

The grand final was supposed to be between Maluú and FD Supper Kings but it could not took place due to disagreement.

Maluú team did not want to play on the grand final because they disagreed with the semi-final play-off.

But based on FD Supper Kings have already qualified for the grand final, the local organizing committee awarded the winner to them.

They went away with $5000 cash prize while runners up Foóndo received $3000 and Maluú received $2000 cash prize.

Club Manager Bryan said that even though the final match of the tournament was unable to play the competition ended successfully.

He acknowledges the sponsors for assisting the club that enable them to host the Christmas soccer competition at Foóndo.

He said it was indeed the biggest soccer competition that is being hosted in his village and has attracted big companies to sponor the game.

The companies’ sponsoring the tournament are Our Telekom Company, Bank of South Pacific (BSP), Sol Tuna and Solbrew Company, R and Sons and Honorable Jimmy Lusibaea.

Total of 23 teams participated in the eleven-aside knock out held from December 22-26.

He also acknowledges the participating teams for participating in the competition.

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