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Triathlon sets date for next event

23 March 2014

The local triathlon-racing season got underway in February thanks to a break in the cyclonic weather and the crocodiles having better things to do.

An email to members and supporters said the next event will be on 5 April.

“It’s an exciting year for the club with Boris Teddy representing Solomon Islands at the Youth Olympic Games in August in China, and with his coach, Nathan Thompson Siofa, will be joining promising youngster, Godfrey Jad Nalo on a development trip to the Oceania Triathlon Union Junior Training Camp in NZ later this week. Commonwealth Games selection for Glasgow in July is also underway,” the statement said.

The group thanked the local recruitment efforts; adding that the club is rebuilding its ranks.

“The club’s local profile has grown to around 6-8 men in the 25+ years age group, about the same number aged 20-24, and again aged 15-19, with a small pikinini group.

“For the first time in a number of years, we also have a team of young women training towards their first triathlon.

“The club has a committed head coach, a sports development officer, and senior members learning how to manage the club themselves. It’s very lucky to have a home base by the sea at Kakambona.

“We’d love your support to consolidate these achievements.”

They said equipment such as goggles, running shoes and bicycles (and their parts) are always in need, as is clothing for swimming, running and riding.

“If these things are something you can help with let me know and we can match to need. Also keep in mind that we are unable to obtain much of the equipment in Honiara, so rely on people to send or bring things back from Australia or NZ. If you can help, give us plenty of time to buy gear online and send it to an address.

“Alternatively, if you have time to teach technical and governance skills like writing and costing applications for funding, drafting media releases, doing sports development plans, finding sponsorship, ordering gear online, running fair selection processes, etc. we have keen local members ready to learn.

“Finally, we’re looking for a laptop computer for local club leaders to use for club administration such as sports development activities, correspondence and applications. If you have an old one lying around, and no longer need it, please think of us.”

That’ll be all. Hope to see you down at Margaret and Godfrey’s beach soon.