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Pacific in Union resumes

21 March 2014

After a few months of recess the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation’s (SIRUF) Pacific in Union – Rugby 4 Schools (SI) program is back again and all to kick off.

A statement from the SIRUF-PiU’s office said this rugby program will resume in Honiara next week with a teacher’s workshop.

This will take place Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th March 2014.

Five schools had been selected to kick start the PiU program in Honiara this year, which include four repeat schools and one new one.

The repeat schools are: King George VI national high school, Koloale community high school (CHS), St. Nicholas CHS and White River CHS.

The only new includion this year is St. John CHS. Other schools that had started the program last year, but will continue with the program during this first half of the year are: Panatina CHS, Chung Wah School and Bishop Epalle Catholic school.

The scheduled PiU workshop will be held at the National Sports Council’s (NSC) conference room at the Kukum old shopping area, starting at 9:00am and ending at 4:30pm each day.

Schools that had been selected to do the PiU program this year had been formally advised to send two representatives to attend the scheduled courses.

After the proposed workshop the schools listed earlier will roll out the program in their schools for a minimum of six weeks, where the students will be taught through the PiU curriculum which includes classroom learning lessons/activities and outdoor skills training sessions in preparation for a formal competition between the schools that are doing PiU in Honiara, which is scheduled to kick off in mid-May.  

In other updates, after the PiU program was reviewed last year it was recommended that the PiU program this year will focus on a total of twenty one schools in six target regions/provinces.

This is a reduction from the thirty schools target last year and is based on performance and output by the schools and other factors such as accessibility, communication and commitment by the schools.

These target regions includes Honiara, Malaita, Makira, Renbel, Guadalcanal, Western and Makira Provinces. Other changes that will take place following the restructuring of the PiU program based on recommendations from the review last year is the recruitment of part-time Rugby Development Officers in selected regions to help drive the program in those locations.

Further information on this will be made known in the media by the end of the week, so interested individuals both men or women are reminded to watch and listen out for more details on the end of this week.

Other upcoming events in the PiU-SI Calendar includes two festivals in Rennell and Bellona between April 1st and 7th and another festival and workshop in Makira province.