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SMB sinks SHNAS in opener

22 April 2015

TEAM SBM A from the school of business and management at the Solomon Islands National University outclashed its opponent SHNAS A from the school of health, nursing and applied science in their opening yesterday at Kukum campus field.

SBM A boys scored 4-1 in the full 40minutes game and celebrated the win.

Both teams have marched into the field aiming to make difference but it was SBM that who gained the favour.

Their two first goals were scored by John Terry in the first half of the game.

Just before half time SHNA’s Willie Dafa just outside the eighteen yard box slotted in a strong ball that level the score line 2-1 at half time.

However, SHNAS had been searching for an equalizer but their chances were denied by the SMB goalkeeper.

Both teams fought hard for scoring chances but it was SBM that stood their ground and extended their lead to wrap up things with another two goals in the dying minutes.

SINU sports coordinator Jimmy Luitolo said, it was a bright start for the boys and hopes that they will continue to maintain their victory through the whole competition.

The SINU sport competition yesterday kicked off with soccer while volleyball, netball and futsal are expected for next month.

Students and staff have taken their time out to watch the opening matches.

Earlier yesterday, STM A and SNRAS A have draw nil-nil.

The tournament will continue every Tuesday and Thursdays until June this year.

The competition was organised by the students’ body SINUSA and coordinated by the sports committee.