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De Viva thanks United

22 April 2015

THE Western United assistant coach to the recent Oceania Club Champions League, Riccardo De Viva has made a public acknowledgement.

De Viva mainly highlighted his gratitude for being given the opportunity to chare his knowledge on football with the club and players.

“I would like to thank the management and both the owners Reggie and Choylin Douglas for allowing the privilege to be part of the Western United Family.

“To all the players of Western United I thank you for allowing me to share my knowledge and experiences that I have obtained in countries such as Georgia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and South Africa.

“The Solomon Islands had been one of my favourite destinations because the potential to grow is phenomenal and a dream for a coach to implement a modern style.

“I thank everyone for the warm welcome and hospitality and will always have a place in my heart for the colour orange and especially for the champions Western United,” he said.

De Viva stated that it has been a disappointing end as they have all worked hard to strive for the best but sadly being drawn into the group of death along with other obstacles and critics.

Despite being unable to lead Western United into the competition’s semi final, De Viva still has high hopes for United in the future.

“This is a young club growing on a daily basis and a sleeping giant ready to be awaken,” he said.

United’s Italian goal keeper, Frabizio Maria Prattico echoed the same sentiments extending his acknowledgement to the public.

“I'd like to say thanks to every single person who was part of this unique experience, from the president to the management, the coaching staff, the fans and my team mates.

“Thanks to all the fantastic people from Solomon, thanks everyone in making me feel like home since the first day and for not making me miss anything.

“I will never forget what this place gave to me,” he said.

In return United head coach, Commins Menapi also thanked De Viva for his assistance.

“It’s a pleasure and a great opportunity working with you, a person of high caliber in coaching.

“I have learnt a lot since you were here with us,” he said.

Not only did the imported players and coaches received acknowledgment from the local coaches but also from the players and the public.