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Call for govt’s support to WP’s bid

20 May 2015

A LOCAL activist and a member of the Solomon Islands Solidarity Movement for West Papua Freedom has called on the government of the day to support West Papua (WP) in its bid to join the Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG).

Ben Didiomea claimed, when the current Prime Minister was the Opposition Leader; his speech supported West Papua where he slammed the Lilo lead government for visiting Indonesia.

“Now that he is the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands we hope to see him sing the same tune that our suffering Melanesian brothers and sisters from West Papua love to hear,” he said.

He said West Papua have been suffering in the hands of the Indonesia for more than three decades now and the best way for Solomon Islands to help its Melanesian brother is to support  its bid to join the MSG.

“We the people of Solomon Islands want to see our Melanesian brothers from West Papua to join the MSG just as the Kanak in New Caledonia,” he said.

With that, he added the government of the day should watch out for any foul plays from Indonesia where he believes that Indonesia will do anything under the sun to keep West Papua out of MSG.

He said, if the government of the day is not supporting West Papua’s bid to join MSG then it clearly shows that the government is supporting the human right’s abuse and the genocide that is taking place in the Melanesian territory of West Papua over the last 30 years.

As requested by the current MSG member for West Papua to unite before they can be accepted into the MSG, Mr. Didiomea said, West Papua is already united in the group call the United Liberation Movement for West Papua and now it is up to the MSG members to open the door for West Papua to join MSG.

By Biriau Wilson Saeni