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Tu Ata Games ends on high note

13 July 2015

The Tu Ata Games organised at the Red Beach Sports Ground ended successfully over the weekend.

Sponsors, former senior government officer, Robert Sisilo and Priscilla Piva were pleased to hosting this successful event.

In his closing remarks, games coordinator Duke Telaupa said the tournament has been a successful one despite few Hiccups.

“As all of you have witnessed, the tournament is very prosperous, even though we experience few technical hiccups.

“The organising committee was able to deal with these hiccups.

“As a result we manage to successfully complete our games.”

Major sponsor Mr Sisilo also admitted hosting the games as successful even though few unwanted incidents were experienced.

“Despite the hiccups, the tournament is very successful. I hope all of you will agree with me.”

Sisilo said, he has been tasked to from a committee to run the Tu Ata games in the future, a thing that will be considered seriously.

“I have been asked to form a committee to host 2016 Tu Ata games.

“And I think it’s a good idea,’’ he said.

He said meetings will be held later to form the committee and perhaps draw up a legal constitution so that Tu Ata games can have a legally abided.

“By doing this we can be able to seek assistance from donors as well as the national government.”

Sisilo added congratulating the Tepa ward team who came all the way from Sikaiana Island for the first time to take part in the competition.

“I would like to convey my special acknowledgement to the Tepa ward team.

“It’s their first time to participate in our games and they did very well in this competition.”

Winners of the Tu Ata Games 2015 include the champions in the premier football competition; Hale Green scooped a trophy together with a cash prize of $5000, seconded by Mataliki with a cash prize of $2500 and Taloa with $1000 for the third prize.

Excited Hale Green Captain Peter Manao challenged all teams that took part in this year’s tournament to prepare well for next year’s tournament as they will train hard to defend their title.

“To all teams who wish to come again next year, you must train hard.

“As a champion for this year’s Tu Ata games, we are confident to defend out tittle next,’’ Manao said.

For women’s premier netball competition, Fish Market netball team snatched a trophy together with a cash prize of $5000, followed by Hale Green with cash prize of 2500 and Tepa Ward with will sail home with $1ooo cash for third spot.

Delighted Fish Market team captain Agenes Kera said, beating last year’s champion was a countless achievement for her team.

 “We met them in our pool game and they (Hale) beat us with 12-8 margin.

“However winning them in the grand final is a huge achievement.”

She added, beating a well organised side that also participated in the Honiara Netball Association (NHA) league is fantastic.

Kera thanked her players for making a massive upset in the tournament.

“This is fantastic, thank you girls for the good effort. 

“Since we are being crowned champion for this year’s tournament, we will kick off our preparation early to defend our title next year,’’ she stated.

In the men’s volleyball challenge, Tepa ward scooped a trophy along with $2500 cash, followed by Dmax with $125o cash and Taloa walked home with $500 cash for the their spot.

In the women’s volleyball category, Tenaru was crowned champion after edging one of the hottest rivals in the competition, Taloa.

Tenaru claimed a trophy alongside with $2500, seconded by Taloa with a cash prize of $1250 while Nohou received $500 cash.

For oldies competitions, Simply the Best scooped the $1000 cash prize as the top award for women’s netball while Tepa Oldies are also $1000 richer and are Oldies 2015 football champions.

Consolations awards are as follows:

- Golden Boot: Nelo from Taloa 2 soccer team

- Golden hand for netball competition; Gwen Kaula, Hale netball team

-  Most valuable player; Sanai from Dmax volleyball team.

-  Oldest soccer player; Martin Tautai.

-  Oldest netball player; Tukutonu.

-  Best and fairest team goes to Tepa ward.

The tournament ‘Tu Atu Games’ attracted about 50 teams from Sikaiana living in Honiara and at home (Sikaiana).

Meanwhile organizers also thanked the participating teams for their effort in participating in the tournament and are looking forward for their participation in next year’s tournament.