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Talasasa: Critics come join us

03 August 2015

Chef De Mission for Team Solomon to the recent Pacific Games, Ronald Bei Talasasa has called on all critics to join forces with the National Olympics Committee of the Solomon Islands (NOCSI), sports athletes and the Government of Solomon Islands to rebuild the image of sports in the country.

Talasasa made the call following many criticisms from the public about Team Solomon’s performance at the Games in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Following the arrival of Team Solomon from the recent Pacific Games, there have been too many criticisms from critics against all the participants, NOCSI, athletes, team officials and the Government.

Talasasa highlighted that while some criticisms are constructive, others are destructive and stated the important approach is for critics to come together as Solomon Islands begin another journey into the next Quadrennial period.

“I have noticed and heard of numerous criticisms from some corners within and without our society.

“Some criticisms are quite constructive and will be used as food for thought, whereas others were demeaning, destructive, oppressive and slanderous. 

“Critics who enjoyed doing Team Solomon a great disservice, through social media, I appeal to critics to join us and take this journey in union with us.

“We want to sit with you and talk things over with you on a level playing field, eye ball to eye ball.

“If there are broken relationships, then we need to mend that and let us restore any broken relationships and journey together as a nation, as one people, with one common objective.

 “Let us build on the current strengths and move on together.

“We need to re-build the image of sports that have been fading in the past and now recuperating.

Talasasa added the athletes who represented Solomon Islands at the XV Pacific have done their part well and were all worthy to be part of the team and to be there at the Games.

Team Solomon to the recent Pacific Games has made a lot of history though they have not met the targeted number of medals which was 30 medals.

They won 28 medals which is the highest number of medals won in any Pacific Games, seven gold medals the highest number of gold medals and finished on eighth position the best ever placing.

“We cannot afford to be disunited.

“Let us openly discuss how best to carry on from here.

“This is our land, our country, Our Solomon Islands and all people should consider the best way to raise the standards of sports overall, but do it in a harmonious and respectable way,” he said.

Meanwhile Talasasa thanked the Solomon Islands Government for their great act of generosity and through their inspiration and wisdom, Team Solomon was able to participate fully and successfully.