‘We miss our colorful soccer’ - Solomon Star News

‘We miss our colorful soccer’

03 August 2015

THE young coach and former national soccer player Joel Puia Konofilia says Solomon Islands has missed its original way of soccer nowadays.

Konofilia was the coach for FC west Honiara which will be competing in the upcoming NSL.

Speaking to this paper, he said that Solomon Islands had missed its original way of doing good competitive team to represent the country in any competition because they fail to balance the team from diverse people.

He said, the current men’s soccer squad is being dominated by my people of Malaitia.

“This has surprised me and no wonder our team has made no improvement to fly the flag of the country during recent competitions.

“In the past Solomon islands soccer teams was label as Brazil in the pacific and why is that.

“It is because we have selected a balance team found around the provinces to represent the country,” he said.

Mr Konofilia said: “We should to stick to our diverse soccer by selecting players from different province to make a colorful team.”

He revealed that his team will show what he is talking about when the competition kicks off.

FC West Honiara is combining different players from all the provinces as part of reviving the trend, Mr Konofilia said.