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Peaceful start for Malaita day

12 August 2015

The Malaita second appointed day celebration has kicked off peacefully in Auki with sporting activities this week.

The event brought together all teams from 32 wards around the province including the Malaita Outter islands of Ontong java.

The matches kicked off early this week following the opening program on Sunday at the Auki primary school (APS) sport ground.

All matches will be played at two different locations, Gwaunaru’u and Aligegeo playing grounds.

In the day one of the sport tournament, all game has ended up successfully which reflected a good start for the tournament.

The event saw friends, students, working class people and family members living in and around Auki come together to enjoy the games.

According to the Malaita football Association MAF, a total of 14 matches are scheduled for each day; seven games will be played in the two respective grounds.

 Meanwhile the results of the day matches

Game 1: ward 10  Vs  ward 7 (1 nil infavour of ward 10)

Game 2: ward 6 Vs  ward 27 ( 1 all draw)

Game 3 :ward 12  Vs  Ward 1 (ward 1 won by 2 goals to nil)

Game 4 :ward 30 Vs ward 8 (ward 8 won by 2 goal to nil)

All matches are played in pool stages. There are a total of five pools.