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Delayed AGM is a breach: FRU Chairman

27 May 2014

Delaying the annual general meeting (AGM) is a breach of the Fiji Rugby Union constitution, but it's something we had to do, says FRU chairman Filimone Waqabaca.

Under Rugby House's constitution, the AGM is supposed to be held in April annually. However FRU postponed the meet becuase of no quorum in late April to mid May.
The May 17 meeting was also postponed because FRU said it wanted to complete all Skipper Cup games before the AGM is held.
“Yes it is stated in the constitution that we must have it by a certain date, but we have to be practical about these things," Waqabaca told FijiLive. 
"It’s no point turning up at the venue only to cancel it because there is no quorum which is exactly what happened now. we called the unions beforehand to make determine their availability and we found out we can't have the required number."
Waqabaca said some parties travel to the venue of the AGM on the day and they lose out when there is no quorum on the day. The FRU he says also lose out because it does not achieve results.
“That’s why we’ve taken the practical step to move to the end of this month when we’ll have a free Saturday from the Skipper competition,” he said.....