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Batram Suri coaches Vanuatu’s Ifira Black Bird

21 August 2014

Solomon Islands' former football star, Batram Suri has been confirmed as the new head coach of Premier League club, Ifira Black Bird FC.

Club President Christian Kaltabang says, the club is always looking to the future and for the last two years.

They have recruited other players from other clubs in Port Vila to come to play for Ifira Black Bird FC.

“My executive has been working really hard in the past few years to take Ifira Black Bird to another level.” Said Christian Kaltabang.

“This year we have decided to bring in a foreign coach and the coach of Ifira Black Bird Fc will be Batram Suri of Solomon islands.”

“His contract with Ifira Black Bird is for three months but if he do well we can extent to his contract for six months.” Concluded Cristian Kaltabang, Ifira Black Bird FC President.

In 2010 to 2011 season, Batram Suri played for Amicale and help the Red Rooster to reach the final of 2011 OFC Champions League against Auckland City.

Batram Suri will arrive in Vanuatu this Saturday 23 August 2014.

History of Batram Suri

Batram Suri (born 30 November 1972) is a Solomon Islands footballer who plays as either a striker or a midfielder and is currently playing for Amicalin the Matson's Premier Football League.

He is the most well-known player to come out of the Solomon Islands and has previously played in New Zealand for Richmond Athletic and the Football Kingz amongst other clubs(now the New Zealand Knights), in Fiji and Tahiti and has also played for Laugu FC in his native country.

He is also one of the Solomon Islands national football team's most successful players helping them reach the oceanic play-off final against Australia in 2005. He made his debut in 1992 and collected over 40 caps, also scoring a fair share of goals.


•Solomon Islands Player of the Year (1994)
•New Zealand Player of the Year (1996)
•New Zealand Top Goalscorer (1997 and 1998)
•Oceanian Player of the Year: Fourth place (1996),[2] Tenth place (1997[3] and 1998[4]), Twelfth place (2002)[5]