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Samoa's version of cricket, kilikiti

15 April 2014

Melbourne's Samoan community has held a tournament for their own unique version of cricket, known as kilikiti.

 Kilikiti is based on the well known game of cricket, which originated in England and was brought to Samoa by missionaries and seafarers in the 19th century, but the Samoans took this 'palagi' style of cricket and changed it to make it their own.

At a suburban field in Melbourne's northern suburbs, the Victoria Samoan Advisory Council has held the finals of its inaugural Samoa kilikiti tournament.
Six teams of fifteen players took to the field wearing colourful lava lavas and t-shirts for uniforms.
The bowlers and fielders were on their toes and the batsmen were striding to the crease wielding lovingly crafted Samoan style bats.
An impressive collection of trophies was up for grabs and some cash prizes as well.
The mood both on and off on the field was friendly with a strong family focus, as people young and old gathered to play the game and support their teams.
Tournament organiser Sa'u Brown from the Victoria Samoan Advisory Council said it was all about bringing the community together.
"We were thinking of a gathering of our people, especially the young ones but even the older ones you know, it's just like a family day out for our own community from the whole of Victoria," he said.
"Plus it's good for the fitness, the physical health of our people as well, because the tournament is open, it doesn't matter how old you are, you still can play."
The six teams took part in the tournament came from all over suburban Melbourne and were largely church based.