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SICCI concern over medication shortage

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) has expressed grave concerns over the medication shortage the country is facing that have reportedly led to mix up of medication as nurses and doctors work their best to substitute commonly used drugs for patient treatment.

Seven drivers arrested

Police Traffic Officers in Honiara have made several arrests over the weekend, on the capital’s roads.


SINPF to purchase Auki plaza

Garo on FPA enactment

The 2018 Women of Courage Award recipient, Emma Garo, says the intentions of the Family Protection Act (FPA) 2014 to safeguard and protect victims of domestic violence is good but the question is whether or not the Act is achieving its lofty goals?

Dausabea on drug shortage

THE Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has accused Prime Minister, Rick Hou, for downplaying the drug shortages crisis at National Referral Hospital.

PM on drug shortage

PRIME Minister Rick Hou says the shortage of drugs and essential suppliers at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara is due to poor communication problem and the process involved to get the medications.


Opposition wants PS sacked

Doctors call for state of emergency at NRH


Salvation Army to raise funds, Friday

A FIRST ever fundraising dinner for 'The Salvation Army' Red Shield Appeal has been organised for today at the Heritage Park Hotel.

Missing man found safe


A MAN who was reported to have gone missing after going on a hunting trip at the Kongulai area, Guadalcanal, last week has been found alive at Betikama on Wednesday.

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