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Let’s wait: truth will come out

29 June 2016

POLICE are currently dealing with a highly sensitive case.

It involved the death of David Saemala, 23, in police custody, Monday this week.

David was the last born son of former Langalanga MP and one-time diplomat, the late Francis Saemala.

According to police, David was arrested on Friday and detained at the Central Watch House on a warrant of arrest.

He reportedly died on Monday.

The cause of his death is not known.

Results of a post mortem has yet to be made public.

This was not only a sensitive case, but a very serious one, too.

There will always be questions asked when a death occurs in the custody of police.

Already, relatives are on their toes demanding why their son died in the custody of the state.

There were allegations the young man was bashed before he was thrown into the police cell.

There were also claims on social media the 23-year-old actually died on Saturday but his body was not taken to hospital until Monday.

But in a statement police issued Tuesday, it warned people against speculating.

“This is a serious issue but we ask people to refrain from speculation until after the facts are known,” the statement said.

The police’s Internal Investigation team were on the case.

They’d been tasked to investigate the circumstances surrounding David’s death.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast was well aware of the sensitivity and seriousness of the cause.

This was why he said they are working closely with relatives on the matter.

With Mr Prendergast at the helm of the RSIPF, relatives can be assured of an impartial investigation into this matter.

Understandably, this was a very difficult and trying time for both relatives and the police.

The police were under pressure to truthfully explain the death of a citizen in their custody, while relatives want the truth of what happened to their son.

Police had established processes to following when investigating cases of this nature.

That process must be followed so that the cause of David’s death can be ascertained.

And with the post-mortem being carried out, the truth behind David’s death will be finally uncovered.

So let us be patient and wait for the outcome of the investigation.

The true story will eventually come out.