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Congratulations Solomon Islands

06 July 2016

The country is today marking its 38th independence anniversary.

In Honiara, the main event is taking place at the Lawson Tama Stadium this morning.

There are celebrations nationwide and abroad to remember this important day.

As the country turns a year older, there is so much to reflect on as the country continues to journey on.

We acknowledge the leadership for the former Prime Ministers who have led us this far.

Notable mention to the founding father of this country who led this country to independence this day 38 years ago in 1978, the late Sir Peter Kenilorea.

He will be long remembered for his leadership.

There are others who have led this country through the years. We also acknowledge them.

To the current Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, we would like to commend him for leading this nation thus far in his term as Prime Minister.

The Democratic for Coalition for Change  (DCC) government under Mr Sogavare as elected into power in 2014.

So congratulation to the government in leading this country thus far.

We do acknowledge the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui for being the Queen’s rep in Solomon Islands.

As we celebrate this 38th birthday, there are questions that will be running through everyone’s mind.

Some of which are; Have we been independent enough to support ourselves as a country over the past years while utilising our resources?

What have we achieved so far over the years?; And whether we have achieved much and felt changes for the good of the people or not.

There is so much to measure in terms of the achievements and development aspiration that this nation had taken. But you can make your own reflection on this.

The country is blessed with its natural resources. Thus, a question needs to be posed, has it been utilised wisely for the benefit of this country?

There have been views expressed by few overseas friends about how lucky we are to have these resources.

Therefore if only these resources are used in a good manner under good leadership, this country would have taken a giant step to being one of the top developed countries in the pacific. But at the moment we are being regarded as a developing country.

This means there is so much work to be done inorder for us to graduate from this ‘developing country’ category.

Governments under the leadership of different leadership have come and go while trying to lift the economy and bring changes. But these efforts come with challenges.

There have been calls to improve the lives of ordinary citizens who continued to struggle daily to make ends and also seek opportunities to support themselves and their families.

Its not an easy task for any government.

Therefore for the past years, we still depend on our outside friends and donors for support.

At this juncture its important to acknowledge them for their unwavering support over the years. And most of them are still here supporting us.

Our partners are the pillar of strengthen to help this nation stand while moving forward to bring changes and build this country as a better nation.

As a country blessed with resources, leaders of this country and its people have a bigger task to work extra harder so that nation can one day become self-reliant and be independent rather than inter-dependent.

The country has a brighter future and everyone must work towards this goal of being truly independent.

This week is also significant for the country given the national healing and apology week.

There have been a number of reconciliations taking place over the past days between parties who have been involved in the ethnic crisis.

Its good to see them all coming together face to face and say sorry to reach other. Indeed, they have recognised the importance of having peace because its a step forward to move this country from its past.

Lets learn from our past mistakes, forgive, forget, rise up and move on in life. We should allow our past to hinder us from making significant progress in our country.

As a nation let us forgive each other for whatever failures we have made and be united for the good our of nation and our future generation.

Lets make tomorrow a new beginning for this country with a change as we move this nation forward.

In the meantime lets celebrate this day in a meaningful way with our families, friends and communities today.

Happy celebrations and may God continues to bless this nation, its government and people until we reach another birthday.

Enjoy the day and congratulations!