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Fatai should stand down

26 July 2016

HONIARA city councillors will debate a no-confidence vote against mayor Alfrence Fatai soon.

This was after the Attorney General gave the all clear for the motion to be tabled.

The motion was based on Fatai’s perceived poor leadership.

That since he assumed power in February 2015, he has failed to demonstrate the kind of leadership expected of a mayor.

Instead, he continued to involve himself in controversies – the latest being driving while drunk and without a valid driving licence.

This incident occurred last month in northwest Guadalcanal where police caught Fatai and a female companion in the mayor’s official vehicle.

Fatai pleaded guilty to the offencesand was fined $2,000 in the Magistrate’s Court.

His female companion was also fined $1,000 for the same offences.

Fatai still faces a charge of attempted bribery over the same incident.

He was accused of attempting to bribe one of the police officers who arrested him. He has since pleaded guilty to that charge.

It was a pity that Fatai was still the mayor of Honiara after this particular incident.

Any leader worth his salt should step down immediately when he’s found guilty of a crime before a court of law.

The mayor is the head of Honiara city.

It is a top-level position that must be protected at all times by those tasked with the responsibility in managing the affairs of the city.

Those holding that position must conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.

They hold the awesome responsibility of preserving the dignity of that office and ensuring their conduct does not bring into disrepute the mayor’s office.

Fatai failed to do just that.

And instead of him taking the honourable step of resigning, he continued to hold on to the mayor’s job.

He must know that the public of Honiara no longer look up to him as their leader. They now regard him instead as a common law criminal.

The trust the people once have for him is no longer there.

It was truly sad that councillors have to take the trouble of tabling a motion of no-confidence to remove this man from office.

He could have save his face and the council’s time and money had he do the right thing and step down.

Another sad day for the nation’s leadership!