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What about our roads?

27 July 2016

WORK on the Japanese-funded Kukum Highway Road Project is starting soon.

The multi-million dollar project will be built by Kitano-WKK JV, a Japanese construction firm.

This road project was designed to alleviate the daily traffic congestion, which is now the hallmark of Honiara’s main road.

With work to start soon, the public cannot wait to see the project get off the ground.

It’s a project we all look forward to.

But this is Japanese tax-payers’ monies that are being used to fund the project.

And it’s only a segment of the city road that is going to be upgraded and improved under the project.

What about the national government?

What plans has it got for the deteriorating road system in the city?

Honiara is rapidly growing and it needs a better road network.

Take the Lungga area in east Honiara for example.

What was once a jungle of coconut and cocoa plantation has been gradually turning into a town of its own.

A number of big businesses and companies have moved their offices from central Honiara and are now operating at Lungga.

They’ve built modern offices and are now operating from there.

Soon, this once isolated location will be part of Honiara city.

But there’s something missing – good road!

For these companies, coming to their offices each day means negotiating the many pot-holes that dotted the existing road that serves the area.

In fact the existing road should not be called a road at all. But they have no option. To get to their offices, they have to use the road.

Like many other businesses, those operating from Lungga pay taxes and vehicle licence fees to the government.

They deserve better roads.

Why the government does not see this is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

A government that is responsive and cares for its people and corporate citizen should know well the importance of road links.

In fact the government should be moving ahead and improve the roads in and around Honiara to allow for business and infrastructure development to proceed.

Sadly, our government does not think that way.

Those making decisions, and in particular our politicians, only think for themselves than for the country.

Last month, we learned of the $78.5 million the government allocated to MPs and other private companies to purchase ships and machineries.

This funding is being administered in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

The funds could have been well spent had it been used to upgrade and improve our roads.

By giving more than $63 million of the funds to MPs for the purchase of ships and machineries, the government is simply throwing away money.

Our roads are in their worst of state. They are a headache to drive on.

They don’t reflect well on Honiara as the nation’s capital.

Honiara’s working population and business houses deserve better roads than what they are getting now from the government.

As tax payers, they are entitled to the best service any government could offer.