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An important year for our nation

03 January 2014

NEW Year’s greetings and welcome back to our readers and advertisers!

This is our first issue for this year after the two-day break we had on Wednesday and yesterday.

2013 has indeed gone down the memory lane. We are now into the third day of 2014.

Like the future, we all don’t know what this new year will bring. We can only stand our ground and prepare for what may come.

But as a nation, this is a crucial year for us.

Ahead of us is the national general election, which will be conducted in the later part of the year.

Elections are an important event for any nation.

It’s a time people come together to choose their political leaders.

For us, this event takes place every four years. 2014 happens to be that year.

So we have an important event ahead of us.

But before we can participate in the national elections, we must register to vote.

That is if you are 18 years and above.

The upcoming election will see a new voter registry. This initiative was devised to clean up the old voter registry, which was full of “dirt and holes”.

Called the biometric registration system, it was designed to avoid double registration, lessen corruption, and give us a credible election result.

Registration under this new system will happen soon.

We encourage every eligible voter to register when this process opens.

This is important to ensure we participate in this year’s national elections.

Our nation is crying for good and credible leaders. It is yawning for honest leadership.

But it cannot get it unless we the people give our nation the kind of leaders it deserves.

This is why our participation in the electoral process is important.

We must register to vote in order to elect the leaders we want to lead our nation for the next four years.

Meanwhile, let’s congratulate our police for a job well done during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Officers have done pretty well on New Year’s night, ensuring their higher public visibility and protecting the public from drunkards and would be criminals.

It’s now another year so let’s work together with our force to ensure a safer 2014 for all.