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PSDI: 2014 a year of achievement

ADVANCES in the business environment in several Pacific Island countries mark 2014 as a year of achievement for the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI), says a recently launched report the progress of the regional technical assistance facility.

Build God-fearing families: Priest

PARISHIONERS of Christ the King parish in East Honiara have farewelled 2014 with an encouraging message.

Priests praised for ‘great’ service during festive period

A village elder has praised the work of priests during the festive period.

God is in Control

As we begin this year 2015, we don’t know what it holds for each and every one of us.

Sustainable economic development vital

SUSTAINABLE economic development in the region is vital to address social needs ranging from health and education, to environmental and cultural protection, says a report released by the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative.

PNG aims for balance budget

Papua New Guinea Government has handed down yet again another historic budget – a record K16.2 billion (US$6.19b) in comparison with three previous biggest budgets of US$5.7b in 2014, US$4.9b in 2013, and US$4.01b in 2012.

Landowners unhappy with SSPM appointment

GOLD Ridge Landowners have expressed displeasure with the appointment of Rence Sore to the post of Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM).

Bmobile promises better service this year

Bmobile Vodafone has installed its new satellite dish that will bring in the upgraded 3G services this year from a new satellite provider to allow for cheaper data costs for customers.

Christians urged to rise up

CHRISTIANS are urged to rise up and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How a church welcomes New Year

MEMBERS of the United Church in Honiara welcomed the arrival of New Year on Wednesday night with testimonies and songs.