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Nurses await decision from ministry

Kahui sad with move to return $600k  

AN East Are’Are man has expressed disappointment with his member of parliament (MP) for returning the $600K Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) allocation to the Oversight Committee.


Malaita to conduct a referendum on Malaita Independence

SolTuna, WP sign deal

The Soltuna Company Limited (LTD) and Western Provincial Government (WPG) through its business arm have signed a renewed tenancy agreement formalising the forty-six properties which the fishing company had rented on behalf of its employees working in the tuna industry there in Noro.

Man jailed for breaching bonds

BREACH of two bonds has resulted in a four-month prison term for a man who sold betel nut and cigarette rolls in Honiara city this month.

Suidani: cancel China direct flight 


The Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has made a last-minute appeal calling on the national government to stop the direct flight to China and listen to its citizens.  

LCC clears Sore of allegations

THE Leadership Code Commission (LCC) has vindicated Honiara City Council (HCC) Clerk of allegations of misconduct.

RSIPF investigates fatal traffic incident in Western province

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at the Munda Police Station in Western Province are investigating a traffic incident resulting in the death of a male adult person at Bibolo, Munda on 22 August 2020. 

Leader of Opposition questions whether the Supplementary Appropriation Bill before Parliament is properly grounded in law.

PM on treatment for China

CHINA does not get preferential treatment, as people might like to think.

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