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Where are the millions?

18 February 2014

Dear Editor - I was brought up as child in the 70's in the rural area. There are three things which I first sensed during those childhood days which serviced me and is still servicing the people today.

They are a clinic, water supply and a school. These are very important infrastructure I don't know who actually built and installed in the village.

For sure during those times our members of the legislative

Assembly or council were not educated and do not have funds like our current MP's.

For sure, NPF was an idea initiated by a very less educated member, so as Solomon Taiyo, CDC now known as GPPOL plus the roads and other infrastructures we are enjoying today.

Those though not educated, they had the passion for this country. They wanted to see people having access to better services.

Today, it is rare to said that this mini hospital, wharf community high school or air strip is built by the MP for the constituency with the millions of dollars in his pocket.

Funds have flatted the MPs that they don't know what to do in their constituencies and so start buying rice, noodles, sugar etc for the people with public funds.

No wonder, MPs houses always filled with their supporters as this is their source for free hand outs.

Our past leaders though not educated, they have the wisdom. With the very little money they got in the budget, they always ensure that the people benefited.

Today, we don't know, may be after they lost the election and start building their palaces we will then see the usage of the millions - our money.

John Aonima