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Many are called

18 February 2014

Dear Editor – Many are called but only a few were selected to continue their further studies abroad, let alone the below mark and the failed ones.

The action taken by the responsible authority to choose only the best students to go for further training is a move in the right direction and for the right reason.

Spend money on students who go there with visions and missions, not tourists or sightseeing people.

Mr Education minister, for transparency purposes, please ask your good hard working officers to produce the lists of the students, the points they scored and have it published in the print media.

But don’t go yet, boss, we want to see too the final list of the "many are called but few are chosen" lucky ones, selected, their names, parents their marks scored and the provinces they belong to. Transparency at its best ba.

No gud everything le-wan-saed no moa ba. Same province, pikinini bulongo biki mane. No mata no pasi tekem go nomoa.

 Sir, when we do that, produce those list information the critics will be happy and satisfy and there will be no more barking at you. Over to you boss.

Andrew Maomaiasi