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RDB where art thou?

18 February 2014

Dear Editor - Please allow me space to seek help from our RDB, and the provincial executive.

Having read your paper on Friday morning, (Sol star) I was really impressed with the report of another ship/boat for the IDC of Isabel Province.

Realizing how much benefits will goes to the people of this particular province, I tend to questioned and asked as to where is our RDB of Rennell and Bellona Province? Where are we heading boys and girls?

What are we doing, aren’t we feel embarrass as we now labelled as failed committee. Common RDB don’t tell us that you guys have been lured just for sitting allowances and big name! (Fame)

From what I’ve learnt the IDC management has been managed by a simple lady along with the board.

So far if I am right, they now secure four boats. They also contemplating in getting into timber yards business. Unlike the boastful RDB, it’s become a mockery and big shame. Scout around and pushed in then sadly ended up embarrassing. What a shame!

The composition of the RDB is encompassed two gospel ministers with very colourful CV’s (not forgetting the much blessing that expected to flow to the board through these so called gospel ministers).

 A lady with graduate master in business & management, US, and others.

The point here is that we have a poor executive whom performed very non sense.  Now we formed another or second executive (RDB) and filled with so called educated resources personnel from the Province/constituency yet performed below the executive no.1 which is so sad.

Many tasks, but only if you could work hard and secure at least one boat, then that would much better.

In other word, if that simple lady can make it then what happen to the RENNELL AND BELLONA DEVELPMENT BOARD (RDB)?

Thanks and looking forward for your publication soon.

Fred Suamoana
White River
West Honiara