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Food and exercise

18 February 2014

Dear Editor – Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Today I would like to raise the issue of food and exercise.  

Food has always been a centre of our life. Eating although a necessity can also be vied as a recreation – something we do in leisure time or pleasure. Holiday feasts cocktail parties and backyard barbecues are of one’s social routine.

Business transaction are frequently conducted over food and drink. The result of all these enjoyable abandon can be excess poundage or even outright obesity.

We are now reaching the stage where our society is becoming increasingly inactive with the advancement of technology. Our modern lifestyle fosters unfitness. The automobile and television are key contributors to our sedentary lifestyle.

With consumption of a poor but plentiful diet complicated by the tensions of everyday living characteristics of modern times, a very dismal picture unveils for maintaining an optimal level of health and appearance.

Keep in mind that the body was made to be active and it thrives on movement and vigorous activity.

An active lifestyle should be programmed into your daily living plan to encounter the effects of technological advances.

You need to blend proper eating habits with vigorous exercise to develop and maintain a healthy functioning body.

Obesity and inactivity have been correlated with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other degenerated disorders. Obesity are practically unknown among vigorous active people.

Exercise can be the key mediator in this process; a sound nutritious diet combined with regular vigorous exercise is the best strategy for a lifetime of successful weight control.

The goal is not merely to lose fat but to keep it off, or better still, never to put on. Therefore now is the time to establish a sound nutritional and exercise habits. Don’t wait until your health is in peril.

Lack of optimal fitness is the result of our inactive lifestyle that tends to make us sluggish, lazy and just plain unfit.

In addition we eat rich food that is high in cholesterol, fat, sugar and calories. In many cases this diet contains too many calories, which turn into unsightly ripples of fat.

However, a responsible fitness program based on individual needs and interests is a very logical solution for overcoming the harmful health effects that you might be faced with.

You do not need a very high level of physical fitness to work on, but regular physical activity is a necessary if your body is to function properly.

A proper program has been planned to suit your need with simple exercise as above is established based on maintaining the four fitness components; strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular and cardio respiratory endurance.

You can contact me on 8619378 to enquire further or for more advice.

Paul Ratu
Physical Education Instructor