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To’abaita shipping company

18 February 2014

Dear Editor  – It was revealed that MP for North Malaita (To’abaita) Constituency was one of the recipients of Solomon Islands Government (SIG) shipping grant in December last year.

Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) exposed the timely information which appeared in Solomon Star edition No. 5420, dated 4th February 2014.

SIG had paid a total of $26.6 million to the MPs and backbenchers as reported by the media.

The populace of To’abaita region has been waiting in dreams for the last 32 years to own a shipping company.

It is a blessing for North Malaita Constituency to receive the shipping grant to improve the northern region of Malaita Province.

The shipping company would boost the upcoming developments at Kandabina Industrial Park and Suafa Bay trading zone.

Those existing infrastructure and facilities (if any) at the following ports namely Mbita’ama, Malu’u and Matakwalao shall be upgraded and put in good use since the colonial days.

 The To’abaita Shipping Company (this is a fake adopted name since the SIG shipping grant is for the rural people) becomes operational.

Take note there are some major improvements required for those existing ports mentioned above and a new wharf is recommended at Fo’ondo for every provincial ward and convenience purposes.

This is the most wanted news and piece of information greatly welcomed by rural farmers, business houses, agricultural entrepreneurs, private sector, transport owners, potential developers and travelling public of To’abaita region and the surrounding communities eager to receive.

It was a great moment for every people of To’abaita region in particular the voters of the current Member of Parliament.

It is a milestone achievement for North Malaita Constituency.

Previous elected male members of parliament had been telling people about this shipping project during their campaigning sessions but to date nothing has been achieved. 

It will be remembered by this existing generation for many, many years to come that an elected female MP for North Malaita Constituency has purchased a marine vessel for her constituents.

For future generations the book of records shall reveal this amazing history of To’abaita Shipping Company.  

 Shipping service is an ideal development project for North Malaita population in terms of distance from Honiara, local agricultural income sectors, marine resources and other business activities.

This shipping service would be the first and only development project an elected MP has achieved through SIG for North Malaita Constituency since 7th July 1978.

Recently records have shown that some MPs received similar SIG grants in the past to purchase ships.

After few years in operation the shipping service becomes a ‘family owned enterprises’ which is my great fear towards the To’abaita Shipping Company.

Someone said family owned enterprises in shipping service have a very high chance to become bankrupt due to corrupt management practices and too many bosses running the business.

This would clearly indicate another version of Ramos Shipping Service once operated by Malaita Development Authority.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

To sum up this discussion, it is a blessing and achievement for North Malaita Constituency to receive the shipping grant from Darcy Lilo led NACRA government.

2014 national election is few months away and the shipping grant can be diverted practically during the ‘devil’s night’ prior to casting the ballot paper.

Phil Wright