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Apology to Julian Moti

31 January 2014

Dear Editor – I write to thank the former Attorney General of Solomon Islands for his clear reply (SS5415) to my earlier article on Soqavare’s Moti and also acknowledged the reply from Hon. Soqavare.

My then reaction to this sadly continuous debate was based on articles published in this paper at those early times.

Now that the former Attorney General of Solomon Islands has clearly explained his side of the story, the truth of the issues stated has become clear and those articles were indeed and regrettably erroneous or were misunderstood on my part.

I now advise that my earlier comments on Soqavare’s Moti are rescinded and withdrawn as grossly incorrect.

I am sorry and my sincere apology to the former Attorney General of Solomon Islands, Mr. Moti, for erroneously implicating him and his repute.

The former Attorney General is indeed a person with high integrity and repute.

However I wish to seriously urge the National Government of Solomon Islands to quickly address the issue of compensation due to the former Attorney General once and for all so that all especially leaders can start to concentrate on addressing the pressing needs of the country.

V. Kuma