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10 reserve seats for women

31 January 2014

Dear Editor – If the proposed bill to have 10 seats reserve for women who want to become politicians go through the house before the house dies its natural death by the end of this year, we should know the 10 lucky ladies who will be in the next new line up of MPs in the mushroom house.

Good on them, the intending lady candidates should their bill go through, but hang on, what about the entrance fee of $2,500 candidates normally pay to contest. Bae hem free too, for olketa mere ia?

Ladies free gentlemen pay $2,500 for go lo parliament?

What a full free ride if that’s another thinking behind the bill.

Gender equality is already there where both male and female have all the right under the sun in SI to contest at any level be it province or national.

If Mrs Rose Anilaba, Mrs Jane Tozaka Mrs Hilda Kari can make it through to the provincial assemblies and the national parliament through their own try hard work, money and sweat, why not you Rosemary, Mary Anne and Mary Jones who wish to give it a go this year?

Don’t underestimate yourselves ladies. If the men folks can do it, you too can do it.

We are living in a world of trial everything by try. No free lunch, no free ride and no free entry.

Sweat, hard work and try hard is the key.

By thy sweat thou shall live. Have we forgotten this?

Andrew Maomaiasi