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Moti claim vs local claims

31 January 2014

Dear Editor – I refer to various correspondences and commentaries by the Leader of the Opposition, the Member of Parliament for North East Choiseul, some lawyers and the general public here and overseas regarding the former Attorney General Julian Moti.

The debate started after the Prime Minister announced in the National Parliament the possibility of making a compensation payment to Julian Moti.

While the debate for and against the issue continues the Prime Minister and Julian Moti are in silent mode.

The pro Moti campm which is led by MP Manasseh Sogavarem is of the view that Moti should be compensated for wrongs that were done to him during the Prime Ministership of Dr Derick Sikua.

The anti Moti campm which is led by Leader of Opposition Dr Derick Sikua, is of the opinion that Moti deserved to be treated the way he was treated therefore he is owed nothing.

It is interesting to note that the two camp leaders are in the same side of Parliament – Opposition.

As a rural person I am very interested in the details of the Moti case will affect the Solomon Islands Government budget.

I am unable to fully take part in the debate because of lack of material facts regarding the Moti issue.

I therefore appeal to both camps and the Prime Minister to provide me with the details of the compensation claim that Julian Moti submitted to the Solomon Islands Government.

This will allow me and others to take part in the debate in a more civilised and constructive manner.

I will now talk in general terms regarding claims against a government or an entity. If a claim is made against an entity usually the entity will consult its legal team to weigh in the option.

Settlement outside of court is the most preferred option for an entity if the odds are against it.

Only go to court if you are confident of winning otherwise it is cheaper to settle out of court.

If it is found that Solomon Islands or whoever in Solomon Islands is liable to meet the compensation of Moti – should Moti be the first to be paid?

This is where I will totally disagree. We must meet all our domestic priorities before entertaining any Moti claims.

There are so many programs, grants etc. to be paid (MPs payments should come below Moti’s).

Some examples of priority payments are: FOPA, education, health and road in Lau Baelelea in Malaita Province as well as shipping services for our friends from remote Islands.

If one could read between the lines Prime Minister and Mr Sogavare have an interest in this payout.

You cannot hide in sheep’s skin (Moti) you are all wolves regarding whether tax payers money or Dr Sikua and others’ pocket will be used to pay Moti.

One of the main questions, one can ask is: why pay one person (Moti) and then turn blind eye to the overdue payment for the FOPA contractors?

The Moti payment is just for one person, whereas the FOPA overdue payment is for various contractors in Solomon Island s and this may go towards their families’ well-being and their standard of living may be elevated.

The contractors really promoted the good image of this country in the region and beyond. Is that how the Prime Minister and his Government say thanks to the people who put their country on the map?

What does Moti do for this country? He is already a well off person.

There is a saying that said, the rich get richer and the poor getting poorer is good classic example of the particular case.

Mr Prime Minister, who are you trying to fool and blind? Enough is enough; you need to settle the FOPA contractors prior to Moti’s case.

If not, we don’t need to sing the national anthem “God save our Solomon Islands” because the current NCRA government is not serving the rural people but foreign interests.

Jessie Bobby
FOPA victim
Fa’alau Village