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31 January 2014

Dear Editor - The article no 5407 on Monday 20th January 2014, written by Steve Sae truly challenge our preconception by saying that, nowadays Solomon Islands is soaring hugely into unemployment. There are some very important points where Sae raised.

If the government does not take serious consideration to tackle the issue of unemployment in our country, then we will definitely experience and expect more of criminal activities flooding throughout the country.

The data collected or analyse by Sae is very considering, which results between 15-24 are the ones who are the most affected today.

Most of the ages are youths; these are the categories which searching for jobs, but sadly there is no job for them.

I believed, Solomon Islands is one the rich country in the world today, may be you asked me a lot questions or argument concerning my point of view.

But let me tell you the truth concerning my analyst and argument. Look! There are millions of dollars flooding into our country every year, as compare with our population.

Let me show you a simple calculation, five hundred thousands of people live in Solomon Islands as compare with millions of dollars flooding in our country every year. Where are all the money goes my friends, resources are everywhere. Who are benefits from all the dollars?

Today if you watch the TVs or searching in the internet, you can see that other countries are usually update on the data or statistic of how many people are work and how many people are not work.

This is where they exactly know the percent increase in employment and the percent that decrease of unemployment.

I recommend if the government have any task force where they mandate them for the purpose of updating and scrutinizing of any default of the country’s running or operation.

Look into our town today, we no longer called our town Honiara, but today we rename our town by calling it China Town. (Mi no jealous my friends, but tikem tomorrow).

Let me ask the good people of Solomon Islands to vote wisely and do not repeat the same mistake.

Infact, I am not a happy man in Solomon Islands, I really sorry and upset by our carelessness. Thank you friends, remember your country needs you.

Alden Ado