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At the right place, right time

31 January 2014

Dear Editor - Education has become, for better or worse ­— mostly worse — one of the two or three major foci of Political conflict.

As an object of Political controversy, the disease is now overwhelmingly gnawing its way to the rural level.

No longer, is Education a priority for some fairy-tale fathers. For although they are able to make a close stairs of subsequent births, but less they consider their children’s future.

Conspicuously, their actions had said already enough. Less we deny that the attempts made towards closing a school is purely a broad day light evidence of their impudence and viciousness.

 ‘Be at the right place at the right time.’ This is an often said phrase when Bosses decide to re-invigorate Punctuality. Most important to ponder is the crucial relationship between Place and Time.

Often workers are prompted to be in time and not on time. But where these people are going to be in particular is what makes time considerable.

Of course, there is a right place for everything.  If a Patient wants to see a doctor, then the right place to visit is a hospital. Dashing into a police post would only turn him back with a fat share of embarrassment and frustration. Why is it? He was at a wrong place, and so as time.

That leads us to the door step of the kind Optician. A notice pinned up on the entrance to his room bear this diagnostic idiom: ‘Look where you’re going!’

Make simpler: Better be careful that where your feet takes you is the right place, and does not lead to a ditch.

This proved otherwise when it comes to Land Tenure issues. Not to say that land settlement is rarely essential, but it is less erroneous when it follows appropriate procedures.

Foolish to think, presumably, as nothing is going to be built on thin air, but anything requires space needs land. Although there is some truth in that, but how far does a school go.

Perpetually, a SCHOOL is a place where large numbers of children and adolescents are brought together, along with a number of adults who have special knowledge, skills and insights that aid learning and that are lacking in most homes. This place is obstinately called a school.

A school is a learning institution and not a bay to justify disputing claims. Why should it be the Bull’s eye in a Land-grumble darting match?

Two women were brought to a Judge over an argument of claim of who was the true mother of a living child. As both mother clanged tightly, it was quite difficult for the Judge to decide.

However, coursed by wisdom, the Judge was not to be outwitted, therefore choose for the test of affection. After short, he had identified the true mother. A caring parent won’t throw his or her child downhill.

So why should a tiny bunch of honorable parent shove to crack their ill-clannish-ambition against the innocent wall of a school.

I daresay a person who loves his child and family is wise not to destroy their future.

Do not make room for ignorance to control your intelligence, as it may lead you to destruct your only hope thus may take you a life-time to rebuild it.

Walk into the right place that deserves the appropriation of Land Tenure issues and may be time will agree with you.

Good heartedly, I disclose: ‘you step in the wrong place, and the repercussion may unlikely the characteristic of a taro foliage. Hardly water repellent!’


Latespeaker Danitolea
MBita’ama School

Malaita Province