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Goodbye 2013, welcome 2014

31 January 2014

Dear Editor - I would like to register my personal view in regards to Guadalcanal Province tug of war which almost took half of last year unsolved.

Goodbye 2013, welcome 2014. May I first of all congratulate Premier Panga and his minority group for winning the game at last.

The securing of three (3) new ministers recently secure the most wanted number strength Mr, Panga is looking for, thus reached the score points. “Game over”

Premier Panga is now settle down comfortably preparing his 2014/2015 budget ready to present it in the fort coming full assembly meeting in early March with the hope it will find no difficulties to get through.

His Deputy and Finance Minister Hon Walton Naezon must not be ignored, but also congratulated for the good course he has taken during his short period of time with Mr, Panga.

What a new twist for Guadalcanal Province “Hail Chief Walton Naezon” Guadalcanal Province need such a quality leaders like you in 2014 provincial election.

Enough for those narrow minded person who cannot see beyond their nose to lead Guadalcanal people, we need visionary leaders, people who know their role as provincial leader without beating around after elected to the Provincial Assembly as political leaders.

While the Premier and his Finance Minister are preparing the 2014/2015 budget, back benchers should go home and tell their people what was achieved during last three (3) years being in the executive member of the outgoing premier and what yet to be done during the next four years if you return your seat.

Just a reminder to you that projects funded by the PGSP funding sources must be exclude din your preaching because it was funded by the Ministry under the Governments Rural Development Programmed, but rather tell your people any project funded by the $50,000.00 ward grants collected each year from the Ministry of provincial Government and the &100,000.00. Dollars in the name of Ward grants collected from the Guadalcanal Provincial budget each year.

Where does it spent and to what projects it was spend to in your respective wards.

These are some of the things you still have enough time to clarify to your people. Also check whether your people are still with you or, their mind already fixed to someone else in 2014 election “Remember you are now at the dying minutes of the life of this assembly.

I hope your people know you better than the 2010 election, the political know how and the quality leadership you have will be proved during the fourth coming election this year. Do not surprise if you miss the boat M. V. Guale in her voyage to prosperity in the next four years.

Being the former leader of Guadalcanal Province from 1989 to 1997, I term those years as the Golden Years of our province.

The Infrastructures developments, social and economic developments were boost to its peak thus service deliveries were effective to our people.

Guadalcanal Provincial asserts devolved under devolution Order worth millions of dollars, believe it or, not.

1. Shipping services effectively served our people with two boats;

(a)   M.V. Kagava and

(b)   M.V. Wango

(c)    Three substation was served with OBM each and tractor for Bolomona Region

2. Vehicles;

There were vehicles of all sorts, GP 1 to GP 10. (Excluding the Premier’s car and the WRSS truck was without signs)

3. Provincial Houses;

(a) 7 executive houses

(b) 16 houses at Buburu/Legakiki Ridge

(c) 8 houses at Raffle ridge

(d) 5 houses at Vura 1

(e) 1 houses at Bahai

(f) 1 house at Bokonavera 1

4. Major projects:

(a)   Lambi fishing project (Fishing boat M.V Silau)

(b)   Marau fishing project (Fishing boat M.V Daula)

(c)    Vuvula poultry project 20% share owned by G.P

(d)   Doma land including cocoa plantation

(e)   Koli Farm (cocoa Plantation bought from John Iro holding)

(f)     Aruligo seed garden (coconut plantation) to name few.

Some of these assert have vanished, what a great lost for Guadalcanal province, it all went missing in the hands of those so called leaders of Guale.

Furthermore, what developments to reach grass root people concerned by Hon A.Veke in his recent media statement?

Look at the present Kusuba clinic project, what happened? And where does the project fund go? Alketa man spoilem project ia nao save. “Shame on you Hijackers” You may explain it million times, “bat hati fo belivim you.”

All we know was, funds for the project was hijacked by so called Guale leaders. “What a shame “compared to other province that benefit from the same funding sources, properly managed and utilized it for their people’s benefit.

Not only to benefit their people but boost developments of their province one step forward then the stagnant Guadalcanal because of poor leadership qualities by few selfish individuals.

The good and humble people of Kusuba community let me tell you “You were robbed” that’s why you will still walk more than 20km to your nearest clinic Tagarare P.S.S for your health problems.

The next sick child, the pregnant mother, the sick students of Kusuba primary school, and the general public’s, you are now become the victims of those leaders.
Let alone our good Lord Judge. May the people of Kusuba continue to flourish like a Lilly amongst thorns and thistles. For God still cares

Let alone those who responsible in hijacking the fund, find the solution of your cries “God Bless Mama Isutabu.”


Joel Arambola
Former Provincial Assembly Member 1989 to 1997 and clerk to Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly 2007 to 2010