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PM’s RSIPF visit

31 January 2014

Dear Editor - I can’t help myself laughing at Opposition group’s questioning the Prime Minister’s visits to the Police headquarters.

It seems the group must’ve come out from a delirious state or a hallucination of some kind. What is the issue here about PM’s visits to the Police headquarters?

To say the visit is highly questionable given a current case against the PM is a shallow analysis not reflecting well the calibre of the members constituting the group.

If PM has a motive to influence the RSIPF he will certainly prefer the back doors to seek favours. No one in his or her right mind will want to negotiate favours from police or anyone for that matter in public. Logic does not dictate things this way!

PM has the resources at his disposal to influence the RSIPF to bend his way, for instance, he could have chosen the lofty and spacious PM’s office to seek favour from RSIPF’s head or somewhere secretive and hidden from public pry.

The RSIPF as an institution is vital to the maintenance of law and order, and it is of paramount importance that leaders alike continue to instil confidence and trust to the men and women of the force so that they carry out their duties with due diligence and professionalism.

The unprecedented four times that the PM has graced the RSIPF compound speaks volumes of his genuine and keen interest to see our force remain focus to their duty to maintain law and order.

The force deserves praise and credit from national leaders for executing its duties with minimal supervision from the PPF who have gradually loosening the reins to our very own men and women in blue.

It is sad that of all the institutions, the opposition group remain suspicious of the RSIPF. The level of mistrust is evident as the group continues to accuse PM of colluding with certain senior officers of the force.

As a constitutional office, the least the public expected is to be served with unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations.

The PM’s visits to RSIPF are another of those baseless accusations. This is definitely immature leadership and if the group continues the trend, people will reserve their trust and confidence in/ of the alternative government.     

Charles Rongovata